Thursday, October 29, 2015

Making the Most of Available Resources for Your Acting Career (part 1 of 2)

A lot of people aspire to become actors and actresses, but rarely do they know the intricacies of a good acting career.

Here are some acting skills to consider which will help you get on your way to a successful acting career.

Timing- it is the ability to ‘move and speak in a precise manner’ at the right moment for maximum impact and the pacing of action.

Rhythm- It is the ability to understand and put into good use the rhythmic expression of a play.

Style- it is the ability to absorb and produce a particular manner of presentation. This is sometimes characterized by the director’s vision, company agreement or any conventional mode of presentation.

Pace- it is the ability to regulate the speed of delivery and action, dictated by dramatic potential.

Atmosphere- it is the ability to create atmosphere, which can also be considered self belief and confidence in one’s self that makes the audience believe.

Interaction- it is how one communicates, as well as reacts with other actors and identify themselves with the roles they play.

Characterization- it is the ability to create a believable character within a role - through discussion, improvisation, analysis, understanding, belief, faith, living the part,  imagination, faith and a sense of truth and emotion memory

Emotional impact- it is the ability to feel the right emotions within the role, and communicate them to the audience.

Focus – it is the ability to hold the attention of actors and audience, as well as the direct attention of the audience to specific persons or areas on the stage

Sustain – it is also the ability to sustain a role through an entire play, as well as sustain momentum, mood, atmosphere and pace as required.

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